Update 2.0 - Full RSS Feed


While digging through some old code, we stumbled onto "version 3" of this site, which we spent quite a bit of time developing years ago, and never launched, and that seems like a shame. It is not anything revolutionary. Just a rework of what is already here, but for what it is, it's quite well done.

We also stumbled upon the previously noted piles of half finished projects and scripts, some of which died a good death when we found other great already-written substitutes, and some of which we'd like to work on again.

Life can get extremely busy at times, and ours is no exception. Family and other passions take us in other directions.

But programming speaks to us too. We used to think of how difficult it was to think of things to program. How difficult it is to make something useful and original that others would want to use. In fact, as the saying goes, there truly are no new ideas. Most of those unfinished projects died because of our own hyper-critical notions of usefulness and originality.

But we have come to realize something. What draws us to writing programs or little scripts, has very little to do with how useful or original they are. The real value is of a personal recreational nature. We like the challenge. We like achieving a flow and losing track of a few hours. We like a world dominated by 1 and 0, by if and else, by black and white. Where logic is paramount and things fall into neat little boxes and algorithms, if only because it is all a fascinating escape from a world and a life much less clear, much more grey, and much less logical.

We would say more, but maybe we have finally learned to underpromise and overdeliver. If you somehow stumbled here, keep an eye on this space. We may have some plans. And while we were digging and looking, we enabled full a full RSS feed. Resubscribe to https://bufflabs.org/buffnews.xml to get the full post in your feed subscription.