Caffeinated: A powershell script that works where almost all other programs meant to keep your screensaver or lock screen from executing fail. Caffeinated is awesome for bypassing short corporate login timeouts that execute while collaborating with team members or researching on another screen Get Caffeinated Here!

Buffv2: Our latest website tool is a Python powered Static Site Generator. A blogging tool that generates HTML pages from Markdown. Light and fast as lightning.

Buffv1: Started as a PHP template tool for websites and morphed into a fully loaded CMS. Coded with PHP wth a MySQL database. Buff v1 has been powering websites and blogs since 2001.

Rapid Redux: An enterprise level configuration management utility that could distribute commands to hosts as well as efficiently transfer and synchronize files between hosts across networked computers by comparing the modification times and sizes of files. Marketed to AIX customers initially for managing and quickly recovering hosts, Rapid Redux was later expanded to work with any unix like operating system.

BuffEdit: A text editor that is currently going through a rewrite. The NaNoWriMo novel, "Danger is Awesome", later published in print format was written using BuffEdit.

Buz: A simple minimalist command line tool for those one-liners, single commands or short notes that are helpful to bring up quickly. Buz is called from the CLI, you issue a subject, followed by the single line note to remember and this information is saved to a YAML file. All the program does is check if the subject has been entered before, if so the note is appended under that subject, if not the new subject is added along with the note.

BuffSched: A CLI scheduling and todo list tool originally written in 1990 on UNIX that was later ported to Linux.